Anna Smajdor - Ethicist
Anna Smajdor

I am a lecturer and researcher in biomedical ethics. My research interests are focussed on the ethical implications of innovation and research in all areas of the biosciences, including: new reproductive technologies; research ethics and governance; justice and resource allocation. My doctoral research, funded by the Wellcome Trust, was on the ethics of using artificial gametes in reproduction.

Most recent publication: Reification and compassion in medicine: a tale of two systems.
If doctors and nurses were more compassionate, would this help to avoid problems in the health service? In this paper, I argue that the answer is not necessarily 'yes', and that a scientistic healthcare system will always struggle to accommodate incommensurable virtues such as compassion.

I recently obtained funding from the Wellcome Trust to collaborate with film-makers Tom Lloyd and Tim Fleming on the creation of a 20 minute film. 'In Vitro' tells the story of a female scientist who, frustrated by finding her research hampered by regulatory restrictions, fertilises one of her own eggs with sperm manufactured from her bone marrow. Watch online.

From IVF to Immortality

From IVF to Immortality

In 2007 I published a book on ethical and regulatory issues associated with reproductive technologies (co-authored with Ruth Deech). The book is available from Amazon.

Current projects include a collaboration with artist Zoe Papadopoulou. 'Reproductive Futures', is an artistic interpretation of the ways that narratives of conception and reproduction will change with developments in reproductive technology.

Visit my projects page for more details about these collaborations.